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Fertile Fields in Vietnam
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Fertile Fields in Vietnam

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In November 2016, at the invitation of one of Vietnam’s leading Supermarket Chains, New Zealand Trade Centre attended the 2016 Vietnam Food & Technology Expo which took place in Ho Chi Minh City from the 16th– 19th of November.

Vietnam represents a market of over 96 million.  The middle class, like China, is increasingly becoming more discerning and wealthy.

The Food Expo was particularly profitable for NZTC and for Ruth of Bio Balance, one of the suppliers who joined us on this journey.  Showcasing the best of NZ products and opportunities, NZTC carefully selected  New Zealand’s best suppliers of food, beverages, health supplements and skincare products that we believed would work in the Vietnamese market.

The first two days of the show were designated for Trade Customers.  Over these two days, we were immediately impressed by the quality and knowledge of those that visited our stand, who were enticed by video’s of the the All Blacks, Hobbitton, NZ Tourism and of course the Haka.  Of the 20-brand products on display, each of these individual producers and brands had multiple inquiries.  Ruth expertly shared her knowledge and experiences in the Health Care sector and it was well received, with many qualified leads, plus she was able to provide samples then and there for the most qualified buyers.

The following two days were public days.  NZTC purposefully re-focused our attention on obtaining market intelligence by directly interacting with the Vietnamese public to understand:
1. What they know about NZ and the NZ Brand
2. What they think about certain products and branding of these products

3. What they would be prepared to pay, if this product was in the Vietnam market today

This feedback has provided invaluable insights into the Vietnamese public expectations and awareness.  It has also provided some very clear direction for NZTC as to what products are most readily going to be acceptable and secure market traction.  Over and above this, we can use this information to provide feedback to the potential distributors we have identified within the Vietnamese market.

So what are the take homes for NZTC and the team that was there on the ground:
  • There is a distinct advantage to NZ Exporters and Suppliers because establishing a brand presence in Vietnam, means  only visiting two cities;
  • The Vietnam public are concerned with health, clearly communicating benefits, will deliver sales;
  • A smile goes a long way and the Vietnamese are one of the friendliest people you will ever meet.
Now it is time for paperwork, to respond and put in place a program that allows us to respond and provide answers fot the many discussion that took place over the 4-days.   The final test on any trip, would we go back.  Yes.


Adam, Lizaan & Johnnie



PS. On the final day we tried to sell the sample stock so that we would not return to NZ with our bags full.  Within hours,all the goods we wanted to sell, sold, and they sold for prices similar to the NZ RRP.  Very Happy.