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New Zealand’s fresh milk entered pre-schools in China
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New Zealand’s fresh milk entered pre-schools in China

Since 2015, NZTC has successfully supplied and exported New Zealand KOHA FRESH MILK to China.  Our buyer has achieved something no other Fresh Milk Brand has achieved in China, by successfully negotiating the distribution of KOHA full cream Fresh Milk into pre-schools in China, becoming the authorized imported milk brand to enter this important channel.

New Zealand is fortunate to have natural beauty with pure green pastures that feeds the more than 4.5 million cows.  While NZ is not the largest producer of Dairy Products, because of our population, we are the largest dairy exporter in the world, accounting for nearly a 1/3rd of the world’s dairy trade globally.

With a population of less than 5-million people, NZ produces 19 million tons of milk, of which, more than 95% is sold abroad.  It’s in our NZ’s DNA to export dairy products, with the country first exporting milk products from 1846.

KOHA Fresh Milk, is non-homogenised and FULL of CREAM.  Very little processing is undertaken, ensuring that it is full of natural original nutrients.  Kept refrigerated at 0-4 degrees, after opening, there will be a thick layer of cream at the top of the bottle, which is one of the unique advantages of KOHA.

KOHA milk is directly supplied to the kindergartens subordinated to Xuzhou Youshi Preschool Education Group in China.  The Group was founded in 2003 and is the largest for the Jiangsu province.  It is also the only preschool group with a university background in China.

For The health of their children, the Xuzhou Youshi Preschool Education Group chose to adopt the strategy of “ecological health” year.  The aim is to provide agricultural products that meet “European Union food Safety Standards” for their children.  Healthy food, for healthy minds.  Making the decision to supply KOHA FRESH MILK from New Zealand was a Healthy Choice for their children and the nutritious creamy flavor has kept the children happy and satisfied.