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NZTC Keynote Speaker at the 2018 International Agriculture Development Symposium
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NZTC Keynote Speaker at the 2018 International Agriculture Development Symposium

The 2018 Brand Agriculture Development International Symposium was held in Chengdu on the 20th September 2018 and NZTC President, Adam Martin was among one of the conferences key note speakers.


The Symposium played host to more 300 representatives. Those in attendance included high ranking members of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the United Nations and the World Trade Organization.
Established 3-years ago, the World Union of Agricultural Associations (WUAA) was the official host of the Symposium, with founding members from China, New Zealand, Russia, Poland, Japan, Spain and Malaysia all represented. The WUAA’s aim is for member countries to share resources, technology and idea’s that enhance and foster Agriculture Development for all member countries, as well as providing a discussion platform that addresses Agriculture brand development and cooperation.
NZTC President, Mr Adam Martin, was invited to deliver a speech to the Global Trade conference, that addressed Agriculture Development and Expansion. Adam highlighted the exceptional growth NZ Exports benefited from Free Trade Agreements (“FTA”), citing exports increased by more than 500% since NZ became the first developed nation to sign an FTA with China, over the initial 10-year period.

He then went on to explain much of NZ’s competitive advantages in Agriculture comes from to sources. Are farmers are not paid any subsidies, which has increased efficiencies and NZ’s natural resources are some of the cleanest and most pure in the world, and NZ is known for clean air, blue water and green grass.


Moreover, NZ has also opened its heart to China, with more than 200,000 Chinese residents, 40,000 Chinese students and 400,000 Chinese tourists per year. Word of mouth the most effective advertising campaign, which is why often NZ products earn an extra 10% – 20% premium over other countries comparative products.
Adam then addressed the future of the Agriculture, discussing the unprecedented rate of change, citing technology is changing our lives, business models, global trade and the longevity of global brands. He shared, that to survive the next decade, we need to stop talking just about sharing IP and technology, we need to focus on Relationship Transfer. He defined Relationship Transfer means trusting our partners with our internal domestic networks in each of our countries in a transparent manner, where interconnectedness is a given. The warning that came with this, was the need for Reputational Guardianship protocols for any platform, system or organization that is willing to enter into this arrangement.

Mr Martin went onto say, the next issue facing Agriculture, is the inclusion of Digital Natives. The teenagers and 20’somthings of today. “Intergenerational inclusion within our companies and our boardrooms is an essential component to survive and thrive, because the way we trade will be entire in 0’s and 1’s in the future”. He then challenged the audience, that we either need to embrace change and understand change is occurring much faster than in the history of world, in decade from now, an Abalone diver will send his goods direct to China and Vietnam, online. Traditional models cannot survive in this digital platform area, glocalization is the future. Grown local, sold globally direct.

In the challenge placed before them, he talked of the worlds most ‘winning’ team, the All Blacks, who win more than 85% of all games they play, explaining the need to hear the challenge and then accept it. He then finished with a video of the All Black HAKA (a Maori Battle Dance) followed by applause.