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Senior Management Team

Adam Martin

Adam Martin brings with him a wide range of business networks afforded to him after 20+ years as a business owner. Adam’s experience and relationships across a broad range of activities in the seafood, agricultural and beverage industries allows NZTC to offer the best of New Zealand produce to an international audience. His business networks within the primary industries is vital for those seeking to invest or develop joint venture relationships to ensure value chain integration and supply surety.
Adam believes that knowledge and information are vital in the 21st Century and so in 2010 he went back to the prestigious University of Auckland to complete a Law degree, which he finished in 2014. In 2015 he was awarded Top No.1 Student for all of New Zealand, for all Universities, for the College of Law bar exams. Adam continues to study and is now working towards completing a PHD, focussed on highlighting cultural similarities of Maori and Chinese people, in the hope of forging commercial opportunities between these two peoples.

Wendy Mo
Executive Director

Wendy is ‘World Famous in New Zealand’ for her continued contribution in mentoring New Zealand and Chinese business owners, to understand each other better. Wendy holds two Masters degrees, an MBA from Australia and a Master’s Degree in Economics and Finance from China. With over 10 years’ marketing and management experience in large corporations in China and Hong Kong, Wendy lived and breathed the commercial life of Asia well before immigrating to New Zealand.
Wendy is openly candid about the importance she places on creating long-term relationships and she chooses her business partners carefully because when she commits to a relationship, she will always give 110% to doing her best. While in New Zealand, as well as running her own businesses locally, she operated an export trade company since 2001 and has a very clear understanding on commodity products, the New Zealand producers market and how to make friends and influence people.

Frank Li
Asian Business Director of New Zealand Trade Centre Group And President of New Zealand Trade Centre China Ltd

Frank has a very strong background in the International Finance sector, having worked for Bank of China for some 22 years. This is particularly important as trade financing, letter of credit and cash flow analysis are all critical components of international trade. Having obtained an MBA while he was in China, Frank learnt the importance of networking and maintain relationships, even if people are separated by thousands of kilometres and so over the years, he has amassed a wide cross border, cross cultural business network which include people from many different industries.

A seasoned hunter, Frank has learnt the skill of a steady hand and a patient outlook. He has a deep knowledge of the finance and investment sector in the Asian marketplace and he continues to promote, investment, trading and joint venture business ventures between offshore parties and New Zealand based companies.

Winnie Zheng
General Manager

Winnie has a MBA, with over 21 years marketing and senior management experience in large insurance companies in China. She has accumulated profuse experience in establishing supply chain and distribution channels, monitoring the sales performance and product marketing as well as her wide personal networks. This allows her to promote business between China and New Zealand.


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